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Beza Unkabera
Quicksilver’s Prada

It was our expectation and our goal to breed Terriers according to the international breed quality requirements of the FCI as our standard, which meant for us to become members of the Club for Terriers in Germany (KfT). The KfT supervises by now 29 terrier breeds, and functions under the parent organization of the “Club for German Dog in breed and Show” (VDH) and thus as well under the FCI, a club with a long-standing tradition, founded in 1894. We appreciate and subscribe to the guidelines of this organization. In our opinion it comes the closest in pursuing the ideal of breeding the perfect Terrier and always striving to improve the quality of the dogs. The breeding guidelines and requirements are laid out clearly so there are no misunderstandings for any dog to meet the requirements of acquiring a breeding licence.