Multi Champion Jerrymor Tosca- A Dream of a Dog

We are celebrating our Lotta, who represents to us the essence doggie-dreams are made of. 

She was born on 6-14-2011 by Ch. Colin Bitt Box, out of Ch. Jerrymor Ines

For many of us, the measure of success for a dog to be considered “a dream dog” will be the wins, ribbons, and trophies it was able to claim at competitions and dog shows during a show career. Lotta can certainly keep up with any of them in this department, achieving considerable successes all the way to a Veterans Championship.

Veteran Champion VDH; Veteran Champion KfT; International Conformation and Beauty Champion; Champion of Austria; Champion of the Austrian Kennel Club; German Champion VDH; German Champion KfT; Youth Champion VDH; Youth Champion KfT; Austrian Kennel Club Youth Champion, and she won several BOB (Best of Breed) and the Qualification to compete at Crufts!

The reason we consider her a dog of our dreams is that Lotta is also the proud mother of several healthy offspring. She whelped all of her puppies without help and without any problems! She raised all of them perfectly, with never ending efforts, care, and kindness, which in our book made her the picture perfect mother every time in every way.

Today, many of Lotta’s children, sired by different stud dogs are earning accolades in the show ring, proving over and over that the dam line in breeding is just as important, if not more important, than the line of the stud dog.

We also would like to thank Mrs. G. Abel, Lotta’s breeder, and express our gratitude for this beautiful dog with an amazing, steadfast, and loving temperament.  Throughout her time with us, she has always been healthy, cuddly, and even playful to this day. Lotta enriched our small pack from the moment she moved in, and we have been enjoying every single day we get to share our lives with her. She simply is a very important person in the Quicksilver Clan, and we sincerely hope this will be the case for a very long time to come, as we move toward her 9th birthday on June 9th, 2020.